Shaping the future. Together.

We are here to help you make change happen. We have been providing products and services in Italy for many years and have a leading reputation in the horticulture business. Main competences are:

Breeder Projects

Each project is individual. With respect of plants, climate, surroundings, irrigation, period of production, sales channels, etc., we offer tailor made solutions that equips our clients to grow and lead.

Our approach to tailor made solutions is based on the combination of our core competences: consultancy in support-solutions for growing media and experienced project management to guarantee on-time / within budget delivery.

Concept Solutions

With a concept solution it’s not just about dressing a nice plant in a trendy packaging. We analyze the plant, way of growing, how and where it’s being sold, etc., all the way to the end consumer in order to make a functional brand that works through the whole chain. Making a strong brand is much more complex than dressing and it requests a lot of effort from all parties.

Our creative team helps you with brand name, mould drawings, products for production, dressing, web sites/solutions, social media solutions, and much more.

Plant Dressing

You only get one chance to make a first impression -we suggest you take it serious.

Dressing your product in a popular style, theme, season, special yearly event or just following the fashion, is what we do since the last millennium

Our creative team helps you with being up-to-date on the many requests from the end consumer, whether it to be price, material, color, size, etc. We also developed a popular “Year Event Calendar” that keeps you on the top 26 weeks/year.

Or why not request our “special-offer-email”, that shows theme products available directly from our stock?

Standard Products